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Helping someone to accept their loss of control is a tough prospect. When that someone is a loved member of the family there’s the desire to sit down and have a heart-to heart talk, to reluctantly tell him or her that they have a problem that they can’t handle alone. The talk may express concern over alcohol consumption, uncontrollable obsessive behavior, abuse of an illicit substance, or other concerns over dependency. Unfortunately, all of that concern, worries over overdosing or ending up incarcerated, fly right past the ears of an addict. This is a person who still believes they are in control, has no doubt that their actions can be stopped anytime. The denial is both frightening and shocking, stopping the family in their tracks. It’s clear that talking isn’t enough, and that a more structured approach is needed. An intervention is the key to the unpleasant situation, but such a powerful and intimidating force for change should be guided by someone with knowledge and experience. An interventionist fills this description, bringing a guiding hand that will move the intervention forward with authority.

Transforming Family and Friends into a United Force

Dedicated to effecting change and expressing the intense desire to help, a family group already possesses the raw power to direct a loved one into treatment, but this force needs to be finessed and channeled, ensuring the acceptance of treatment isn’t a temporary ploy but a genuine desire for recovery. The interventionist knows of such deceptions, how inevitably self-defeating and wasteful they are, and will endeavor to make the intervention count. The key is to employ a recognized intervention model, and to make the addicted loved one accept accountability for their actions. Accountability is the difference between being coerced and forced into recovery, a method that seldom yields positive results, and actually wanting to enter a treatment program. This desire, experienced by the addicted loved one, is the true momentum for recovery.

A Wichita Interventionist, attending to the intervention needs of large and small groups in the state of Kansas, deals with increased statewide incidences of methamphetamine usage, with the sharp increases in meth labs currently being discovered across the state(www.whitehouse.gov). Don’t hesitate to recruit this skilled individual as an integral resource for guiding an addicted loved one into treatment. Follow-up with regular visits to the chosen rehab center to avoid possible relapse.

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