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olathe-interventionThere are few options available when fighting addiction. It’s not enough to persuade a loved one to give up substance abuse, not when control is outside the grasp of an addict, and, for the same reason, it’s not enough to take a bottle of alcohol away from an alcoholic. Something more dynamic is required to penetrate an addicted loved one’s enslavement to addiction, a group force that will compel a relative away from dependency, and toward treatment. An intervention, much talked about but seldom fully understood, is the key to the desperate situation, a solution that empowers family, friends, and colleagues, organizing disparate members of the group into a united whole.

By themselves, such a group can convince an addicted family member into attending a treatment program, but there’s no guarantee of how long the troubled individual will stick with treatment. In fact, addicts surprised by an intervention will often agree to anything to get away from family and friends, choosing later, when no longer under the scrutiny of the group, to skip treatment and check out of the program. No, a family intervention has the best intentions, but lasting treatment comes from using intervention models, and from recruiting an interventionist with the skill and training to translate the model into terms the group can understand.

Interventions Come in Stages

Breaking down the intervention into defined phases and aiming for continuous recovery rather than short-term treatment, a reputable interventionist works to defuse the emotional charge of the event and replace it with a considered strategy based on an intervention models. The model embraces techniques that are known to successfully convince an addicted loved one of the need to change, end dependency before it steals what remains of life.

Substance abuse in the state of Kansas is an increasing issue affecting thousands of teens and adults. Focusing on the issue of alcohol and sobriety for a moment, chronic liver disease claimed the lives of 583 residents over a two-year period(www.dcf.ks.gov). Employing the services of an Olathe Interventionist can start a downward trend in these statistics. Follow the intervention model and engage on planning and research before ever hosting the confrontation. Deliver messages of love scripted during the planning, and direct the addicted relative into a rehabilitation center where sobriety can be found and substance abuse ended.

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