Meth Intervention


As the distribution and availability of methamphetamine increases throughout the state of Kansas it becomes a growing problem. This drug is destroying individuals and families too readily. If your family is being affected by an addiction to this drug it is time to find a meth intervention in Kansas.

What is meth?

Methamphetamines are commonly referred to simply as meth. It is also called crystal, rock or glass. Meth was originally marketed for use amongst children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as well as to combat obesity. When users discovered the intense feeling of well-being and euphoria produced by the substance it began a new life as an illicit drug. Initially its use was seen predominantly in Mexico and the Western part of the Unites States, but as distribution channels opened it became a country wide epidemic. Now meth use is on a rise throughout many states in the US.

The rise of meth use in Kansas

Kansas has been no exception in this surge of meth use. According to data from the El Paso Intelligence Center’s National Seizure System, the number of meth production lab seizure incidents increased 43 percent, from 2007 to 2009.  Stimulant drugs as a whole, largely meth use, are the second category of drugs causing drug treatment admissions in Kansas according to a 2010 study; second only to marijuana. {} With numbers on the rise thousands of families and individuals across the state of Kansas are feeling the affects of meth addiction.

Treating a meth addiction

The bright light amongst these staggering statistics is that treating meth addiction is very possible. While it is often unsuccessful when addicts attempt to quit on their own, when an individual enters into a treatment program their chances of success multiply. Across the state of Kansas there are many treatment facilities providing a number of options and treatment plans. This allows each individual and each family to adjust a treatment plan to suit their specific needs. The professionals in these programs can help create a plan that will offer the greatest chances of long-term success.

In spite of rising numbers there is hope in the battle against meth in Kansas. With mental health professionals, treatment facilities and other resources ready to help with meth intervention in Kansas there is help for all families and all individuals touched by addiction. A life without meth is possible.

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