Heroin Intervention

heroin-interventionWe have all seen the portrayals of heroin addiction on television and in movies. It is shown as a dark, gritty and sometimes oddly glorified lifestyle when we see it on a screen. The reality of heroin addiction is much more dangerous and frightening. Not only are the people addicted to heroin affected, but so too are their family and loved ones. If you have a loved one with a heroin addiction the best chance for helping them is a heroin intervention in Kansas.


A national study was conducted in 2007 to evaluate drug use and health trends throughout the United States. The data from the state of Kansas showed that approximately 6.7 percent of residents over the age of 12 reported using an illicit drug in the past month. Of this almost 7 percent, 3.55 percent used a drug other than marijuana. {whitehouse.gov} Heroin ranked as the fifth drug on the list causing hospital admissions for drug use. {whitehouse.gov}

The specifics of heroin

Heroin is a very dangerous and potent drug. It was initially used a pain reliever and quickly became a “street drug” when drug users realized the potential for a strong sense of euphoria caused by the drug. Along with the intense high comes an unfortunate number of negative side effects for the user. This list includes increased need for the drug, as well as an increased amount needed to cause the same high. Because of this, there is a very high number of heroin users that are seriously injured and even killed due to overdose of heroin. There is a risk to several organ systems in the body, including the heart, lungs and brain with prolonged heroin use.

Who can I do?

With such a strong addictive quality and such an intense draw is it really possible to get help after an addiction to this drug? With the right help and the right support the answer is undoubtedly yes. Individuals can overcome a heroin addiction if they receive the right treatment, the right support from the people around them and the right amount of will to succeed.
No family and no individual should have to deal with a serious and dangerous addiction without help. There are many ways to get help for this addiction, so each person can have success. There are enough options for a heroin Intervention in Kansas that success is very possible.

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