Crack Intervention

crack-interventionSeveral thousand residents of the state of Kansas live every day with the struggle of an addiction to crack cocaine. In addition to the direct affects these people, thousands more family members are also being impacted by the addiction. For those families who realize they need help to solve this problem the answer is a crack intervention in Kansas.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health was conducted across the United States in 2007. Statistics on drug use, abuse, addiction and other health issues were compiled for each state in the Union. Then those statistics were compared between states as well as compared with national averages. Within Kansas this study showed that 6.77 percent of Kansas residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. Of that almost 7 percent, 3.55 percent of these individuals used a drug other than marijuana. {} This tells us that too many people are addicted to stronger substances like heroin, cocaine and crack in Kansas.

Crack is an impure form of cocaine. This means that in addiction to the general chemical properties of cocaine, other substances are added to the compound to create crack. It is fairly easy to create and therefore is a readily available and inexpensive drug by comparison to other illicit drugs. Crack is typically heated and the user smokes the vapors of the drug.

Once the drug enters the users system the neurotransmitter dopamine increases in the brain. This creates a rush of positive feelings, euphoria and alertness. For a short period the user feels an intense high and overall feelings of well-being. Because it is a short acting substance after a few minutes the high fades and the user is left with feelings of depression and melancholy. There are serious risks to long-term crack use such as lung damage, severely increased blood pressure, risk of cardiac issues and many more.

If all of this sounds familiar it may be because someone you love is addicted to crack. Despite the feeling that you cannot do anything to change this that is simply not the truth. In order to get your loved one into a treatment program it might be time to find a professional Interventionist who can help convince your loved one that they need treatment. This person will work closely with you, your family and your addicted loved one to get them the help they need.

The reality of a crack intervention in Kansas is that change is possible. It also means that asking for help is a good first step towards sobriety for your loved one. The time for that step is now.

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