Addiction Intervention

drug-addiction-informationThe state of Kansas enjoys a relatively low number of fatalities related to drug overdose, according to a report posted on the Healthy Americans website, coming in as the eighth lowest state in mortality rates. However, for the families of the 9.6 people per every 100,000 succumbing to their drug addictions, statistics don’t really matter when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. We understand.

No matter what drug has led to an addiction, cocaine, heroin, crack, prescription narcotics, or alcohol we know just how harshly addiction can tear apart not just the users life but the lives of everyone around him. When you have tried everything you can think of to help your loved one seek help only to see them revert back to using within a short period of time it can be heartbreaking. The goal of our intervention specialists is to give you the empowerment you and your friends and family will need during the intervention process and to help your loved one reach a true and lasting desire for lifelong recovery.

As you read more information pertaining to an addiction intervention in Kansas you will see that there are various types of intervention models designed to be used in different situations. Each intervention is an intense 2 to 3 day process. Your interventionist will make a determination as to which type of intervention holds the most promise for helping your loved one. While you may feel that you have done all you can do and now fear nothing will ever work, an intervention can be the catalyst you need to create real change.

Let us help

Once you have read all of the information provided and want to further discuss the idea of setting up an intervention to help change the life path of your loved one, we are here for you. When you’re ready we can work together on a plan that will focus on more than just getting your loved one into a facility. Together we will work to show your loved one that change and recovery are possible and all of the many benefits to living a life free of addiction.

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