Drug Intervention


A drug intervention is a gathering of family and friends of a loved one who has become addicted to using substances such as alcohol, prescription medications and even illicit drugs. Drug interventions are often held in hotel rooms or within the homes of relatives of the individual who is being confronted. It is also possible to get assistance from drug interventionists and specialists with experience in the rehabilitation area.

Getting assistance during a drug intervention in Kansas is possible by seeking out an interventionist. Having an interventionist or a rehabilitation expert attend the intervention you are planning for your friend’s own drug addiction is highly recommended to ensure that you are all capable of communicating with one another without arguing or teaming up on your loved one, who may be feeling overwhelmed or surprised by the event itself.

Finding the Ideal Interventionist

Regardless of the type of drug or substance your friend is abusing and addicted to, having an intervention is your way of showing how much you genuinely care about them and value their life. Whether you choose to host an intervention yourself or if you enlist the assistance of a drug intervention specialist, simply trying to get you friend the help they need is the most you can do personally. The goal of the interventionist is to get your loved one to seek a proper treatment program.

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